beagle mania

I was at first very excited to learn that Uno, the now famous 15″ beagle, had won the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. This was the first time ever that a beagle, which is consistently one of the most popular breeds in America, had won. I enjoyed seeing that Uno actually behaved like a beagle throughout the show – baying that wonderful (or horrific, depending on your perspective) beagle bay, lurching for treats, and chewing on reporters’ microphones. It was like he was an actual dog, and not one of those prissy, primped-out dogs that you often see at dog shows.

Don’t get me wrong. I hate the very idea of dog shows, and I didn’t actually watch the show (I only saw clips on news programs). However, since seeing “Best In Show” several years ago (and several times since then), I find them quite humorous, as I imagine the crazy lives surrounding these dogs. The movie is absolutely hilarious.

Anyway, my initial joy was quickly overcome by sadness, as I realized that Uno will now be making lots and lots of puppies. People will be willing to pay thousands of dollars for them, while there are probably tens of thousands of beagles in shelters in need of forever homes. I can only hope that some of the people who might now decide to bring a beagle into their families (a wonderful decision, if you ask me) will choose to adopt from a shelter or rescue organization. I can personally vouch for the Maryland SPCA (Rocky) and Beagle Rescue of Southern Maryland (Lucy). Both are fantastic organizations doing wonderful things.

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One Response to beagle mania

  1. Amie says:

    My childhood beagle Darwin (get it? Charles Darwin sailed on a ship called “The Beagle”. yes, my family is nerdy, why?) was a wonderful dog. He was my best friend until he passed when I was in the fifth grade, and to this day one of my treasured photos is of him.I still love that horrible howl, and honestly think it’s funny that there are people that don’t. They must have no taste. 😀

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