I finished my first cable knitting project last week – a cabled scarf for myself. I learned during this project that making these cables isn’t hard at all, even though to a novice eye it looks otherwise. It is just a matter of knitting a couple of stitches out of order.

Pattern: Nancy’s Cabled Scarf by Sue Caldwell (owner of Lovelyarns )
Yarn: Cascade Baby Alpaca Chunky in color 565
Needles: #10
Started: November 2007
Completed: January 2008

I have come to the point in my knitting hobby that I need to have something to knit at all times, although I haven’t really gotten to the point of juggling more than one project at once. (That will come with time, I’m sure.) So, I have started a new project – a winter hat made out of the same yarn but a different color. The baby alpaca yarn was so deliciously soft and luxurious that I had to use it again. Next up: my long-set-aside socks that I learned how to knit back in September, and also my first attempt at a “real” garment (a knit spring/summer weight shell). I picked up a cotton/merino blend at Spinster Yarns and Fibers, a new yarn shop near our neighborhood. Amy and I checked it out today and it will definitely be a fun destination for me in my knitting pursuits. I definitely want to learn more about their focus on eco-friendly and organic yarn.

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  1. Amie says:

    Alpaca is one of my very favorite fibers – I actually like it better than cashmere a lot of the time!I have students that think I knit nothing but socks, which is far from the truth, but one sock fits into a purse pretty well, so I’ve always got one with me for waiting rooms and that sort of thing.

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