We experienced winds up to 45mph Wednesday morning in the Baltimore area. Craig and I were glad that we recently moved our satellite dish from a very unstable (and uncemented) post in the ground to the top of our shed. In the past, a decent wind gust would knock it out of whack and we’d have to go through the sometimes easy and sometimes difficult task of aligning it again.

We came home Wednesday night to find that a large branch had fallen from our maple tree during the winds. Since the tree is probably 40 feet tall, and is located a mere 10 feet from the side of our house (and also only about 10 feet from our neighbors’ house), and considering the significant size of the branch (about 8″ in diameter at the largest point, and probably 15-20 feet long overall), we have no idea how the branch managed to avoid hitting our house, breaking a window, denting our air conditioning unit, or hitting our neighbors’ house. Seriously. We must have had some good karma or something.

The branch did fall on our wooden fence, damaging a few boards. Many smaller pieces of the branch were scattered all over our driveway (on the other side of the fence), which means we were lucky my car wasn’t parked there, as it is whenever I am home. Anyway, we are happy that of all things that could have been damaged, it was just a few boards on the fence. As luck would have it, we had a contractor coming to our house that night to give us an estimate on some handyman work, and we just added this to his list.

All of this reminds me that last summer I planned to call a tree trimming company to trim out the dead branches on that tree, and to shape up the large tulip poplar next to it. I’m definitely going to take care of that this spring! I know not to tempt fate twice.

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