Argh, I have the flu. It hit me quickly and fiercely yesterday – the aches, the fever, the head congestion and cough. Thankfully it wasn’t a stomach variety. It is particularly annoying since I actually got a flu shot about two weeks ago. The sickness did help get me out of 3 hours of set-up and clean-up for my office holiday party yesterday. I made an appearance for the party itself since I had clients and friends attending. I took today off and am starting to feel better. The worst of the fever is over and I seem to have found the right cocktail of drugs to help manage the other symptoms (Mucinex, you are my friend).

I caught up on some Tivo and finished a knitting project – a holiday dog collar for my mother-in-law’s dog Ella. I started to make the collar before Thanksgiving for Rocky or Lucy, but it was such a quick project I decided to take it for Ella when we traveled to Nashville. She had it on for about two minutes before four of the six jingle bells fell off. Today I pulled out a regular needle and thread and re-attached them. (Yes, I suppose attaching jingle bells to a dog collar could be interpreted by some as animal cruelty, but gosh, it’s cute!) I had Lucy test it out and the bells seemed to stay put, so I’ll put this in the mail to Nashville this week. Now I need to make two more for our beagles. Hopefully I can get a photo of them wearing the collars – Lucy was not cooperative on that front today.

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One Response to sick

  1. jusmehere! says:

    That collar turned out great! Hope you’re feeling better.

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