Craig and I had a lovely Thanksgiving in Nashville with Donna (his stepmother) and the rest of the clan. The extended family includes his stepbrother, three sets of aunts/uncles/cousins, and grandparents. Hearts were a bit heavy for the Thanksgiving meal as we all remembered his cousin Ashley, who died in September at the age of 25.

We returned on Saturday in time to pick up the beagles from the kennel. We spent the rest of the weekend doing laundry, raking leaves, running errands, taking the dogs on a long walk through Herring Run Park, and trying a new beef, chorizo and black bean chili recipe from our newly acquired Cooking Light magazine. It was really tasty, but it was definitely missing a key ingredient – chipotle chiles in adobo sauce. We went to three grocery stores before our frustrations won out and we just used regular chile peppers instead.

And, for those of you just dying to know what I decided about my hair, I have decided to keep it. Several trusted sources have convinced me that I should leave it alone, and it has grown on me over time. Thanks for your feedback!

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One Response to thanksgiving

  1. Beth says:

    Ooo! ooo! Now I now what to get you for Christmas! We have lots of chipotle chiles in adobe sauce here in the ‘burbs. 🙂

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