hair (#2)

Okay, by popular demand, here are photos of my new hair color. Please examine only the color, as I hadn’t really done my hair or face at the time this photo was taken! I have now realized that it is not as dark as I had originally thought. I suppose that is sign that I’m growing used to it. Time is helping. I’m starting to like it better. However, I’m still thinking about going back for a few more highlights to help ease the transition.

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4 Responses to hair (#2)

  1. jusmehere! says:

    🙂 I was expecting it to be really dark. I would consider that very light (but of course, I didn’t see you before) I think it’s beautiful. It has depth, the top looks pretty light and I think it look wonderful with your skin tone. People who never saw you before would not think that was anything but natural with some pretty highlights. Thumbs up to your hair stylist!

  2. Kelly says:

    Thanks for the reassuring feedback! I now realize that I was being overly dramatic on the level of darkness. But, to me, it felt like it was practically black the first day! It is growing on me every day, and I think I’ll leave it as it is. (For a “before” hair picture, look at the picture in the top corner of my homepage. That was taken in August.)

  3. Merissa says:

    It’s not too dark! I am laughing that you thought it looked black LOL

  4. Kelly says:

    I know, I know. I was exaggerating a bit, although at the time, it was so much darker than I was expecting, it FELT black! Of course now it’s summertime and I’m back to blonder highlights.

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