This is our next door neighbor’s beautiful maple tree in its full fall glory. Really, our whole street is just beautiful right now, as many neighbors planted the same tree at the same time about 15 years ago. I noted this weekend that we must have missed the wonderful fall colors in our neighborhood last year, as this peak color time seems to be right in between the time we were looking at houses (end of October) and the time we moved (beginning of December). It really is pretty. I think the color is especially noteworthy to us after five years of having essentially no fall color in Canton (which is woefully lacking in trees, if you ask me).

Here’s hoping that Mr. Maple will someday be as handsome as the neighboring trees. I think he must be a slightly different variety of red maple as his leaves are more of a dark orange/red instead of the true red of the neighboring trees. He has made real progress since he was planted seemingly near death’s door; it will be interesting to see how he leafs out in the spring.

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