I went for a hair cut and highlights yesterday, just as I do every 3-4 months. This time, however, I told my stylist that I was up for something new. I definitely wanted to take some length and bulk off the style, and I told her that I didn’t want as many blond highlights since it is wintertime. (The blond highlights work especially well in the spring and summer.) She must have sensed that I was feeling a tad adventurous, so she asked how I would feel about doing a darker color underneath with a few highlights on top. I said that would be fine. I always trust her judgment, and since she has been doing my hair for about six years now, I feel like she knows what I like and dislike.

Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that the “darker color” she would use would be so dark. I ended up with hair a darker brown color than my natural light brown (if that is still my natural color – who knows after 8 or so years of highlights). It is REALLY dark brown. There are a few blond highlights on top, which help lighten up the top/front view. I’m very unsure about whether I like it or not. I have decided to go through the weekend and decide on Monday whether I should call her to add some more highlights to lighten it up. I actually think the color looks nice – if I saw it on someone else, that is – but I’m not so sure on me. It is just so much darker than I’m used to. I am not one to really mix up my hair color; I like subtle changes. I really like my stylist and am very happy with the cut. However, this is the first time I have left the salon really unsure about what had just happened. I am reminding myself that in the end, it is just hair. It can be re-colored and it will grow out. I’m just not so sure…

When I look in the mirror, I cringe a bit. But, I know the shock will wear off with time.

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2 Responses to hair

  1. jude says:

    OK, if your hair is that startling to you, others will be startled too…never the rxn one is hoping for. And no one will tell you the truth. However, you will be able to ferret it out. They will say, oh, you look so professional. Translation: harsh. Or, it’s really different, I like it. Translation: I sure am glad I’m not wearing that “do”.I can say this of course because I haven’t seen it. I love your hair in the picture.

  2. jusmehere! says:

    I’m partial to dark hair – I’d love to see a picture! I’d give an honest opinion since I don’t know you irl. 😉

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