I made this! And I’m feeling pretty cool, thankyouverymuch. (Felted Bucket Hat from Chic Knits, using Cascade 220 yarn and #10 and #10.5 circular needles from my newly acquired Denise interchangeable knitting needle set and #10.5 dpns.)

I think it will go nicely with this scarf, which was my very first knitting project last spring, and my navy blue wool peacoat. (One row handspun scarf from the Yarn Harlot, using Karabella Aurora Melange yarn and #7 needles.)

I spent some time today (I got the day off for Election Day) uploading my projects onto Ravelry. It’s a pretty cool site where knitters can keep track of finished objects, works in progress, and future projects. Plus you can look at others’ projects, get ideas, and be a knitting geek with like-minded souls. It is right up my alley.

Next up: a cabled scarf for me (started last night), perhaps another one of these hats as a gift, and a hat for Craig. Plus I plan to actually work on the socks I learned how to knit in September.

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2 Responses to hat

  1. jusmehere! says:

    I love that hat! I’m still in the Ravelry Q and wearing out my “check waiting list” link.

  2. Kelly says:

    I love it too, so much so that I went out today on my lunch break to buy more yarn to knit another one (which will be a gift). Oh, and you’ll love Ravelry!

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