Last night was our first Halloween in our new neighborhood. I purchased four extra-large bags of candy a couple of weeks ago, not knowing how much we would need. However, we ended up missing the trick-or-treating, because Craig’s cousin Mark was in town on business (from California) and this was the one night we could spend time with him. We hadn’t really seen him in at least six years (minus his wedding a couple of years ago, which we attended but wasn’t exactly an opportunity to catch up), so it was really wonderful to spend a few hours together. Anyway, we made plans to have dinner at Chameleon Cafe.

So, since I didn’t want us to be the uncool neighbors who don’t hand out candy on Halloween and I also really didn’t want four ginormous bags of candy left in our house for us to consume, I put all of the candy out in two bowls on our front porch. I knew we’d be running the risk that a couple of kids could take off with all of the candy, but I decided to have faith in humanity that they would each help themselves to a few pieces and leave the rest for others. When we returned home, sure enough, the candy was gone. And so was one of the bowls. What is a kid in a costume going to do with one piece of a ten-piece stacking glass bowl set (similar to this set) from Crate & Barrel? C’mon. So much for my faith in humanity.

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2 Responses to tricked

  1. jusmehere! says:

    Hi Kelly,I found your blog via Cesar Millan’s website, realized you were here in Maryland, and can that be your beagle in the picture below? Wait – and you knit too?!? I just had to say hello. 🙂 Have a great day!

  2. jude says:

    I think you are lucky no one left their icky candy, like Good and Plentys or Mike and Ikes.

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