I finished knitting Craig’s Slytherin scarf on Sunday, blocked it on Monday, added the fringe on Tuesday, and received the online-ordered iron-on Slytherin patch (per Craig’s request) on Saturday. Once the weather gets cold, Craig will surely be nice and warm under his new scarf.

I used the Harry Potter scarf pattern posted on atypically.knit.
I modified the pattern only in the length – I did 10 repeats instead of 14, since the pattern calls for a knee-length scarf and I knew Craig wouldn’t wear a scarf that long. With that said, I wish I had cut back the width a bit so the proportions would be a bit better matched – perhaps 80 stitches around instead of 90? I used Cascade 220 yarn in colors 8267 and 8401.

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2 Responses to finished

  1. Amy says:

    Yay for another finished project! The Slytherin patch is a nice touch.

  2. Toni Owens says:

    Nicely knitted!

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