Seven years ago today, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon at Wellers Carriage House in Saline, Michigan, Craig and I were married in the presence of 150 of our nearest and dearest family and friends.

It is interesting to reflect on the changes in our life in the seven years that have passed. We have pursued higher education, moved from metro-DC to Baltimore, changed jobs, purchased (and sold) homes, adopted pets, and found a comfortable life together. We have also lost people very dear to us, including 3 grandparents, a cousin (just last week), and our best man, Charles. Fortunately, we have also managed to make many new friends along the way. I often remember my dad’s toast to us at the reception. He noted that we were surrounded by a room full of resources, of valued family and friends to look to in times of need, when we might seek guidance, support, and love. To this day, I still think that toast was probably the best I’ve ever heard at a wedding. (I admit I could be a bit biased.) Thanks, Dad.

Craig and I have weathered quite a bit in the past seven years, and particularly the last year or so, but we both agree that our relationship is stronger than ever. To mark the occasion, we spent a few hundred dollars on treating another bout of pneumonia (Lucy’s), and then planned to take ourselves out to a nice dinner at Salt, a restaurant we’ve been wanting to try for quite some time. Unfortunately, it will have to wait for another time.

Instead, we ended up spending the evening at Eastern Animal Hospital while Lucy’s stomach was pumped. Craig picked her up from Eastern on his way home from work (she spent the day there due to the aforementioned pneumonia). Because she’s such a “special” dog, in addition to the Baytril antibiotics the vet provided, we also needed to pick up medicine from the human pharmacy. Craig cracked open the car window and left Lucy (who was supposedly sick, mind you) in the car alone with the Baytril. This is what happened (sorry for the fuzzy photo):

She chewed the bottle cap off and ate 16 of the 21 tablets before Craig got back to the car. A couple of panicked phone calls to the vet (the wonderful Nancy Kauder) later, we gave her 1 Tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide (to induce vomiting) and loaded her into the car to take her to Eastern. She threw up some in the car (fun, but I was prepared with old towels) and they induced more vomiting, gave her fluids, and also gave her charcoal to soak up whatever might be left in her stomach. We were there until about 9:15pm, and then we left her to stay overnight for further monitoring. At this point, we were both so hungry that we didn’t think we could make it home, so we had a romantic dinner of burgers and fries from the Wendy’s drive-thru. The fries didn’t even make it home!

All in all, Lucy will be fine. Our bank account is another thing. It sure is a good thing she’s so sweet and cute!

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