We had our first taste of fall this weekend. The overnight temperatures dipped into the fifties, just cool enough to mean that we couldn’t leave the windows wide open, and enough to require an extra blanket on the bed. I love this time of year, when the daytime temperatures are still warm (70-75 today, I would guess) but the crispness of the morning and evening hours signals the shift in season. I was happy to wear jeans and a sweater last night to the movies – we saw “The Kingdom“, which we liked. It would probably be hard for die-hard “Alias” fans to see Jennifer Garner kick some serious butt again and not enjoy it. Today, I visited Dundalk Florist, my favorite local place to buy annuals and perennials, and picked up a mum and some pansies. I pulled out the quite-crispy and tired summer annuals from the pots on the front porch and planted the new flowers in their place, and also weeded the planting beds in the backyard in anticipation of our major planting which will occur later this week or early next week. I walked the dogs and also knit on the front porch, all the while enjoying the beautiful sunny day and non-hot and humid weather. We’re burning our Spiced Pumpkin scented candles in the house, which are my favorite scent any time of the year, but surely most appropriate in the fall. I even programmed in the new fall television programs that look worth checking out into our DVR. I’m ready, fall! Please stick around for a while. Let’s not go back to the summer and let’s not skip right to winter, please.

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