uninterrupted prosperity

I have changed the name/title of my blog to “uninterrupted prosperity.” (Actually, I never really named it; I just couldn’t think of anything earlier.) Some may recognize this phrase as being pulled from Cake‘s “Short Skirt/Long Jacket,” where the singer describes his ideal woman. The second verse goes something like this:

I want a girl who gets up early
I want a girl who stays up late
I want a girl with uninterrupted prosperity
Who uses a machete to cut through red tape
With fingernails that shine like justice
And a voice that is dark like tinted glass
She is fast, thorough, and sharp as a tack
She is touring the facility and picking up slack
I want a girl with a short skirt,
And a long, long jacket

Anyway, as a longtime Cake fan, I have always enjoyed their clever, entertaining lyrics, and of course also their funky beats and interesting combinations of musical instruments. I mean, how often do you hear a trumpet in today’s rock/pop music? I love their political statements (I suppose I could have chosen a phrase from “Carbon Monoxide” instead), and they put on a heck of a good live show. We have seen them perform several times.

One might initially think of “prosperity” in the financial sense, but in this context, I think John McCrea is talking more about other types of wealth. In my view, he is describing a woman who knows she has what she needs and how to make it work for her. I am now viewing this as a mindset – one with uninterrupted prosperity is one who recognizes the many good things in life and doesn’t let the not-so-good stuff get her down.

There has been a major, lingering difficulty in my life as of late, and one way I have been trying to work toward resolving the issue is with the power of positive thinking. (Therapy doesn’t hurt, either.) I struggle with this, but I really believe that being positive can only help in the long run. I do know that I live a life of uninterrupted prosperity. I have a wonderful husband, loving family, friends, and pets, shelter, food, clean water, clothing, transportation, employment, and everything that a person needs to survive in this world (which so many people don’t have) – and then I have so much more. I really am a prosperous person. So, I’m going to try to keep that in mind as we move forward.

But, no, I will not be trading in my Mazda 6 for a white Chrysler Lebaron (third verse). Also, I know from watching way too many episodes of TLC’s “What Not to Wear” that short skirts and long jackets do absolutely nothing for my figure.

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2 Responses to uninterrupted prosperity

  1. Beth says:

    cake lyrics crack me up, too. When I was in college “going the distance” came out and I used to sing it to myself while doing unlikely things like studying for master’s exams. Plus, a blog titled “short skirt” would attract a very different readership.

  2. mkwewer says:

    Dude! I thought your title was a Cake reference! That’s awesome…

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