How could I have forgotten to include my favorite three things from Lisa’s wedding in my previous post?! Three memorable things, in order of occurrence:
1. Mike’s entire extended family sang a song written especially for the occasion. Apparently this is a family tradition at weddings, graduations, or other events where the family gathers together. They sang a four-verse (I think) song about Mike and Lisa, how they met (in college), how they started dating (10 years later), where they live (DC), how they’ll live happily ever after (of course), and so on. Plus, the family could really sing. One of Mike’s sister is a performer on Broadway, most recently in a “Gypsy: revival. Anyway, the song was really sweet and touching and a great deal of fun.
2. Lisa’s 15-year-old cousin performed the entire dance from Michael Jackson’s Thriller video in front of the many guests. When asked how he learned the routine, he replied with one word and a certain tone that made it clear that I should have known without asking the question: “YouTube.”
3. After dinner and cake were served, and as the drinking and dancing was well underway, a take-home candy bar was unveiled. They had 8 or 10 different types of candies – M&Ms, gummy bears, jelly beans, etc. – and little bags for us to fill up and take home with us. I thought this was such a neat idea! Plus, the candy came in quite handy the next day when I was stuck for three hours in the Green Bay airport with zero food past the security gate (not even a newstand).

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