As of July 1, I have been promoted to the position of Supervising Attorney at work. This essentially means that I will oversee the other staff attorneys and their work. Initial tasks will include drafting a standard client agreement (retainer) for use by all attorneys and developing plans for maintaining consistency and quality in work products. I will also be responsible for helping new attorneys acclimate to the organization. I am sure there are a million other management-related things that I will be handling, but right now, I have no idea what they are!

I think this will be a good change. I’m always up for a new challenge. First step: Figure out how in the world I have time to add these duties to my already busy workload!

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2 Responses to management

  1. Beth says:

    Rob says, “Wow!! That sounds important!” Congratulations!

  2. Amy says:

    Congratulations on your promotion!

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